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We are excited to make the full 2024 Annual Conference available online, including segments you can replay or share with friends or ministry teams. In addition to the videos on this page, click below to hear from our incoming leadership.

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Morning Devotional with Ann Hansen

Ann Hansen from Centerpoint Church leads a morning devotional on wholeness, sharing her journey and reflections on finding joy in trials. She emphasizes embracing God’s Spirit for transformation and encourages hope and trust in God’s relentless pursuit of our growth and healing.

Bishop Kenny Martin's Address on Kingdom Collaboration

Bishop Kenny Martin addresses the 2024 Annual Conference, emphasizing unity and collaboration within the church. He highlights core values and calls for renewed commitment to prayer, scripture, and shared leadership. Martin encourages embracing the Great Commandment and the Great Commission to impact the world for Christ.

Business Session Highlights

The Business Session highlights key moments from the 2024 Annual Conference, including reports, recommendations, and approvals of new leaders.

Welcoming Superintendent Mike Chong Perkinson and Vision for PCJC

Outgoing Superintendent Keith Tanita welcomes incoming Superintendent Mike Chong Perkinson. Mike shares his journey, emphasizing transparency and healing within the church. He outlines a vision focused on leader development, holistic health, and fostering a supportive, connected community.

Superintendent Jon Sato

Superintendent Jon Sato reflects on the past two years and shares his vision for the future of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California. Emphasizing wholeness and community, he highlights the importance of relational and holistic health, and the power of collective effort in ministry.

Ta’Tyana Leonard on Embracing Rest and Renewal

Ta’Tyana Leonard shares her journey and reflections on rest, burnout, and the importance of community support. Emphasizing the life of Elijah, she highlights the need for spiritual rest and the power of collective effort. Leonard calls for embracing God’s love and creating supportive church environments.

Ruben Luna: A Call to Wholeness and Kinship

Ruben Luna emphasizes creating loving, nonjudgmental spaces for wholeness in the church. Sharing personal stories, he challenges the audience to rethink their image of God and embrace kinship. Luna calls for breaking down barriers and fostering genuine compassion and acceptance.

Ordination Service for Elders and Superintendent Installation

The Ordination Service celebrates new elders and the installation of a superintendent. Led by Bishop Kenny Martin, the ceremony includes prayers, scripture readings, and the laying on of hands. It emphasizes the sacred responsibility of ministry and the community’s support for spiritual leadership.


Annual Conference was livestreamed on our YouTube channel on Saturday, May 18, 2024. This livestream includes the full event including worship, introductions from the MC, and breaks.