New to Annual Conference?

If you’re new to Annual Conference or attending for the first time, welcome! We’re excited to have you join us for this significant event in the life of our church. This page will provide you with an overview of what to expect and how to prepare for Annual Conference.

What is Annual Conference?

Annual Conference is a collaborative one-day gathering for Free Methodist leaders from the Free Methodist Church in Southern California (FMCSC) and the Pacific Coast Japanese Conference (PCJC). This year, we will focus on the theme of “Wholeness: Fostering Community & Creative Engagement.” Our goal as we gather is to nurture a thriving ecosystem for growth where leadership is shared, creativity blossoms through collaboration between our conferences and churches, and we minister together to embody the wholeness we want to see in the world.

During Annual Conference, attendees will engage in…
Worship and Prayer

We will center ourselves on Christ’s leading through times of collective worship, prayer, and reflection.

Vision Alignment

Conference leadership will cast fresh visions for cooperation and alignment around common values and goals.

Community Building

The gathering fosters fellowship, relationship-building, and shared learning across churches and conferences.

Business Sessions

Ministry reports and matters affecting conference work will be addressed through presentations, discussions, and voting when formal decisions must be made.

Who Attends Annual Conference?

Annual Conference brings together a diverse group of people from both the FMCSC and PCJC, including:

Pastors and Ministerial Staff

Appointed pastors and ministry leaders from local churches attend the conference.

Lay Delegates

Each church elects lay delegates to attend and vote on behalf of their congregation.

Lay Representatives

Each church plant or affiliate congregation may send a non-voting lay representative to attend on behalf of their congregation.

Conference Leadership

Superintendents, board members, and committee members from both conferences participate in the event.

Newly Ordained Elders

Those who have recently completed the ordination process are celebrated and welcomed.

Members and Guests

While voting is limited to delegates and ministerial members, all are welcome to attend and participate in Annual Conference.

How to Prepare

To make the most of your Annual Conference experience, consider the following:

Register Early

Visit our registration page to sign up for the conference. Early registration helps us plan accordingly.

Connect with Your Church

If you are attending as a delegate, connect with your church leadership to understand any specific issues or concerns they would like you to represent at the conference.

Review the Schedule

Familiarize yourself with the agenda and plan your day accordingly.


In the weeks leading up to Annual Conference, pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for all attendees and for the decisions that will be made.

Come with an Open Heart

Approach the conference with a spirit of unity, collaboration, and openness to God’s leading. Be ready to learn, grow, and contribute to the collective discernment process.


If you have any questions about Annual Conference, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your church leadership or contact the conference office at We’re here to help ensure you have a meaningful and enriching experience at Annual Conference.

We look forward to gathering together as the FMCSC and PCJC to seek God’s direction and to foster wholeness in our communities!