Board and Committee Nominees

The following candidates are nominated for the available positions within our conference boards and committees. It’s natural that you might not be familiar with every individual, and you might have questions about each candidate’s qualifications. For more information on a specific candidate, please contact the Nominating Committee.

Ministerial Appointments Committee

Carlson, Theadora

Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Theadora Carlson never gives up on her faith. Her “Faith it until you Make it” approach has carried her through many seasons of her life. She and her husband are members of Chapel of Change Carson campus, where they have been for 4 years. Thea gives freely and reliably her time, tithing, and talents.

Ministry Service:

  • Women’s Abide Core Leader (4 years)
  • Discipleship and accountability coaching
  • Abide Women’s conference presenter
  • Abide small group leader
  • Co-leader with Pastor Tino for the “Co-Connection Hub,” tracking new visitors

Experience and Education:

  • Current student at Aldersgate School of Ministry
  • Career Development and Studies teaching degree from Cal State Long Beach
  • 30 years of teaching/training in occupational placement studies
  • Former Church Secretary at United Methodist Church
  • Former chairperson of the “Character Development Committee”

Thea believes that it takes strong leadership skills to “bring up the church,” speaking life into each person and calling them “up, not out.”

Ixcoy, Juan

Riverside, California Avenue Christian Fellowship

Juan Ixcoy is currently a member of The Avenue Christian Church and on the Board of Trustees. He helps with youth and also co-leads the youth sports ministry with Jeff. The love and mercy Christ has for Juan is the reason he does the things he does at The Avenue.
Juan’s passion is taking Jesus’ order seriously to disciple and bring people to know Christ. He prays that they will be saved, not just them but their family as well. At this moment in his life, God has given Juan a priority to bring the youth higher and closer to Jesus through sports and teaching.

Silva, Martin

Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Martin Silva serves at Chapel of Change as an Associate Pastor in the City of Carson and Paramount, California, for 6 years. Formerly an Assistant Pastor at the Paramount Campus alongside Bishop Kenny Martin, a Bishop of the Free Methodist Church, Martin was President of the Leadership Council and chosen to help build up the Carson and Paramount Campuses.
Starting a career in Environmental Control lasting 30 plus years, Martin received his Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology from California Christian University in 2001-02.
After surrendering his life in 1994, Martin served as Assistant Pastor in the City of Wilmington, California, at Calvary Light Christian Center under Pastor Leon Dool for 17 years. Martin assisted both Lead Pastors on International Missionary trips. He has preached sermons, led Leadership, mentored Pastors and Leadership, officiated funerals, weddings, baptisms, coordinated community outreach, pastored youth, and provided marriage counseling.
Martin lives in California with his wife of 38 years, Mary Silva.