Board and Committee Nominees

The following candidates are nominated for the available positions within our conference boards and committees. It’s natural that you might not be familiar with every individual, and you might have questions about each candidate’s qualifications. For more information on a specific candidate, please contact the Nominating Committee.

Alvarez, Joe

Riverside, California Avenue Christian Fellowship

Joe Alvarez is a dedicated minister with a passion for empowering individuals and fostering strong relationships within the community. For the past seven years, Joe has served as a Co-Pastor alongside his wife, Soo Ji Alvarez, at the Avenue Church in Riverside, CA. Together, they provide spiritual guidance, pastoral care, and leadership to the congregation.
Joe recently completed his academic journey at Vanguard University, earning a Master’s in Leadership Studies. This achievement has equipped him with a deeper understanding of effective leadership principles, enabling him to lead and guide others in their spiritual journeys and personal growth.
With his strong foundation in ministry, dedication to building relationships, and ongoing pursuit of personal growth, Joe Alvarez continues to inspire and empower others on their spiritual and personal journeys, making a lasting impact within the Avenue Church and the broader community.

Brasington, Jennifer

Lake Elsinore, The Lamb's Fellowship

Jenn Brasington has spent more than 30 years at The Lamb’s Fellowship, first in Temecula and then at the plant in Lake Elsinore after a few years on the mission field. She currently serves as the local BOA Treasurer and on staff as the Administrator at Lambs. Her accounting and administrative background and experience have been foundational to her work roles and ministry.
One of Jenn’s heart passions is to help better church financial processes and understanding of best practices for Kingdom use. She truly enjoys being a resource in these areas. Jenn has been around the FMCSC family since the early 1990s and has had the opportunity to serve on staff previously at Lambs, on the conference BOA, and then later as the conference Financial Administrator. Other Board terms include previous seats with Cast A Shadow and as Treasurer of Empowering Lives International.

Burke, Jacqueline

Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship - West

Jacqueline Burke has been a member of her church for almost 5 years. Her foundation came by way of the Pentecostal Church, where she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and was filled with the Holy Spirit nearly 30 years ago. Jacqueline has been running for her life ever since and still believes in miracles.

She serves in the following ministries and committees: Board of Directors, Strategic Oversight Team, Lead Greeter, Children’s Ministry, and as a small group facilitator. Jacqueline’s gift is serving and anticipating the needs of others.

Jacqueline is a 3rd-grade teacher at a Christian school where she is blessed to share the word of God daily through prayer, praise, and worship with her baby disciples. The vision of her church is to reach, teach, mend, and send, and to be the people loving people. Jacqueline is honored to have been nominated for that purpose. To God be the Glory.

Carlson, Theadora

Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Theadora Carlson never gives up on her faith. Her “Faith it until you Make it” approach has carried her through many seasons of her life. She and her husband are members of Chapel of Change Carson campus, where they have been for 4 years. Thea gives freely and reliably her time, tithing, and talents.

Ministry Service:

  • Women’s Abide Core Leader (4 years)
  • Discipleship and accountability coaching
  • Abide Women’s conference presenter
  • Abide small group leader
  • Co-leader with Pastor Tino for the “Co-Connection Hub,” tracking new visitors

Experience and Education:

  • Current student at Aldersgate School of Ministry
  • Career Development and Studies teaching degree from Cal State Long Beach
  • 30 years of teaching/training in occupational placement studies
  • Former Church Secretary at United Methodist Church
  • Former chairperson of the “Character Development Committee”

Thea believes that it takes strong leadership skills to “bring up the church,” speaking life into each person and calling them “up, not out.”

Cuthbert, Amy

Escondido, The Foundry

Amy Cuthbert completed a Master’s Degree at Northwest University specializing in Theology and Culture. Although raised in the church, Amy attended seminary because she was dissatisfied with her faith and needed answers about Christianity and the Bible. Through her studies, she discovered that she had not fully grasped the simplicity of Jesus, the cross, and salvation, and finally found peace with God.
Amy is a teaching lay-pastor at the Foundry Church in Escondido and an adjunct professor of Old and New Testament at Point Loma Nazarene University. She is currently in a Doctorate of Ministry program at Northeastern Seminary and is working on a dissertation looking at soteriology (salvation theology) from the perspective of different ethnic cultures in the United States. Amy married her husband Michael in Capetown, South Africa, and they have two boys, Elijah and Gabriel.

Dawkins, Kyle

Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship - West

Kyle Dawkins was first appointed as a ministerial candidate within the Free Methodist Church of Southern California at Downey Light & Life in 2003 and served as their youth pastor for about 3 years. He began attending Light & Life West in 2006 and served as their youth pastor for almost 15 years. Kyle was ordained as an elder in the conference at the 2018 Annual Conference.
Currently, Kyle is serving as an associate pastor and on the local Board of Administration. Professionally, he works for a company providing mental health services as a Regional Training Coordinator. Kyle has 7 years of experience in staff development, training de-escalation, and coaching trauma-informed care practices while tracking staff’s progress to maintain compliance with all licensing and joint commission standards.

Edmond, Denise

Denise Edmond is a Nurse Practitioner at the Veterans Administration (VA) of Long Beach. At the VA, she provides care to her patients and assists with the orientation of the Medical Staff.
Denise has attended Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship – West for the past 9 years. She has served in various ministries including Discipleship and Children’s Church. She currently serves on the Operations Team, Finance Committee, and previously on the local Board of Administration.
Denise enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends. Her hobbies include cycling, reading, and taking piano lessons.

Erickson, TK

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Free Methodist Church

TK Erickson has been an active member at Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara for over 10 years and is currently serving on the Local Board of Administration. As a nominee for The Ministerial Education and Guidance board, TK is deeply committed to the sacred responsibility of qualifying, guiding, counseling, and mentoring candidates for ordination as they embark on their journey towards ministry.
With a profound understanding of the significance of this role, TK recognizes the importance of providing unwavering support and nurturing environments for future ministers to grow and flourish. If entrusted with the honor of serving on the board, TK is committed to upholding its mission with dedication, wisdom, and a deep reverence for the sacred call to ministry.

Escobar-Lopez, Sandra

Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Sandra Lopez surrendered her life to Jesus when she was a teenager. She graduated with an associate’s degree in theology and a Bachelor’s in Family Biblical Counseling from Doxa University. Sandra and her late husband, Benny Lopez, served as lead pastors for 16 years at El Camino Downey.
Currently, Sandra is serving as an associate pastor at Chapel of Change for the last 10 years under the leadership of Pastor Brian & Laura Warth. She has served as Children’s Ministry Director and is currently serving as Women’s Pastor and leading the Spanish service as well.
Sandra is studying at Aldersgate School of Ministry to better equip herself to continue to serve the body of Christ with love and excellence.

Garcia-Murrieta, MaryAnn

Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Mary Ann Garcia-Murrieta is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She recently got married to her wonderful husband Eddie, who is an amazing partner. Mary Ann has 4 children and is also grateful to be raising her oldest grandson after her oldest daughter was tragically murdered when he was 5 years old. It was around that time that God brought Pastor Brian and Laura into her life.
Mary Ann has been a part of Chapel of Change for 12 years now. She rededicated her life at the grand opening and has been committed ever since. Mary Ann currently serves as the secretary of the leadership council, this being her third year on the board. She also currently serves on the core team of the Abide women discipleship group.
During her 12 years at Chapel of Change, Mary Ann has served in several capacities. She was the ministry leader for the Celebrate Recovery program and was also a part of the core team that launched the Whittier campus, to name a few examples. Mary Ann has recently completed her Intro to Chaplaincy class, as that is where God is calling her in this next season. She also just received her clearance from the Los Angeles County Probation Dept. to go into the juvenile halls and minister to the youth. Mary Ann is humbled and honored to serve wherever God is calling her.

Greer, Adrian

Azusa, Foothill Community Church

Adrian is the Lead Pastor of Foothill Community Church in Azusa, husband to Bri, and father to his daughter Anaiah. After growing up as an unchurched youth, Adrian had a radical encounter at 18 years old that led him to give his life to God.
Since then, God has called him to be a bridge-builder to facilitate communication, reconciliation, and unity across diverse communities and individuals. He is passionate about empowering the local church to be the light of Christ in our communities, dismantling barriers to belonging, and making disciples who make disciples.
Adrian currently also serves as a board member on the Azusa Unified School District Board of Education.

Greer, Briana

Azusa, Foothill Community Church

Briana (Bri) Greer is currently finishing her first three-year term on the Nominating Committee. She is an Associate Pastor at Foothill Community Church in Azusa, where she is involved in preaching, musical worship, youth ministry, young adult ministry, church communications, community care, immigration services, and more.
Bri is the wife of Lead Pastor Adrian and stepmom to daughter Anaiah. She is passionate about advocating for representation in all levels of leadership that reflects the beautiful diversity of the churches in the FMCSC. Bri is also committed to ensuring that the conference has lay and clergy serving at the point of their greatest giftings and callings in faithfulness to God’s leading, for the edification of the churches and communities.

Guzman-Delva, Jannet

Jannet Guzman-Delva is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church. She has been part of the Free Methodist community since 2013. Jannet has an MDiv. from Azusa Pacific Seminary and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Design with a Spanish minor from Azusa Pacific University. Jannet has served on the FMCSC Executive Team, as an Associate Pastor and Executive Pastor in various FMCSC churches, and has been a member of the Nominating Committee and MEG Board. Jannet went on to do ministry as a Campus Pastor and Adjunct Professor in the Practical Theology Department at Azusa Pacific University. She is currently a Board Certified Chaplain serving veterans at the VA Loma Linda Hospital.

Ixcoy, Juan

Riverside, California Avenue Christian Fellowship

Juan Ixcoy is currently a member of The Avenue Christian Church and on the Board of Trustees. He helps with youth and also co-leads the youth sports ministry with Jeff. The love and mercy Christ has for Juan is the reason he does the things he does at The Avenue.
Juan’s passion is taking Jesus’ order seriously to disciple and bring people to know Christ. He prays that they will be saved, not just them but their family as well. At this moment in his life, God has given Juan a priority to bring the youth higher and closer to Jesus through sports and teaching.

Jenkins, James

Rancho Cucamonga, Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

James Jenkins retired in 2017 after 27 years as, first, a Professor of Literature and Composition, then the Dean of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division at Mt. San Antonio College. He and his wife, Tina, have been ministry partners at Cucamonga Christian Fellowship (CCF) for 12 years.
During that time, James has served as a member of the Worship Team, co-leader of the Teaching Release Team, Coordinator of the CCF Kids ministry, member of the Servant Council, and Coordinator of the Royal Family Kids Camp Teaching Team. James and Tina have also been continuous members of their small Life Group for over 9 years.
Beyond CCF, James has recently begun a weekly ministry to the homeless on the streets of Rancho Cucamonga by taking them food and some clothing essentials, listening to their stories, and praying with them. He is passionate about serving “the least of these.”

Jones, Doug

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Free Methodist Church

Doug Jones and his wife Christa have been members of the Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara since moving to California in 2007. For the seven years prior to their move, they were members of the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church in Michigan.
Doug currently serves as chair of the FMCSB Property/Finance Committee as well as on the Local Board of Administration. He is also a member of the FMCSC Finance Committee. Professionally, Doug has been in Christian Higher Education for the past 26 years, the last 17 of which have been as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Westmont College.

Marshall, Donna

Los Angeles, Los Angeles Community Church

Donna Marshall has been in full-time ministry for over 30 years. She and her husband, Robert Marshall, served at Spirit of Love Baptist Church as young teens and then were called to The Salvation Army for more than thirteen years. After The Salvation Army, they became elders at Highland Christian Center, where they served for four years. Following that, Donna and Robert were called to The Free Methodist Church, where they have been Elders/Pastors for the past eight years.
Donna believes her spiritual gifts are teaching and encouraging others. She loves to see the best in people. While she has many favorite Scripture verses, one of her favorites is Hebrews 13:6, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” Donna is thankful for how the Lord has blessed her throughout the years and how He continues to keep her.

Martin, Kasey


Kasey Martin grew up in a loving home surrounded by people who loved and followed Jesus with all of their hearts. Despite this fact, it was not until attending college locally at Mt. San Jacinto College that Kasey came to an intellectual conversion and placed his faith in Jesus. The heart conversion took a little bit longer, and God used a diagnosis of Clinical Depression in 1995 to initiate a relationship based on love that would alter things entirely.
Kasey went on to attend Biola University and Asbury Theological Seminary prior to being ordained in 2016 while pastoring in The River Conference of the FMCUSA. He has served as an Associate Pastor, Lead/Solo Pastor, School of Ministry Instructor, Institute Director, Curriculum Developer, and MEG Board Member in the past. Kasey would love to have the opportunity to serve the FMCSC in this capacity going forward.

Morris-Guzman, Kari

Riverside, California Avenue Christian Fellowship

Kari Morris-Guzman has been an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church since 2000. Since 1996, she has served in three Free Methodist churches. Kari is currently a volunteer associate pastor at The Avenue Church in Riverside and has served there for 5 years.
Kari has a BA in Pastoral Ministries from Greenville College and a Master of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University. Her ministry at The Avenue is primarily to lend support to the lead pastors in whatever way she can. Currently, that includes leading and scheduling the prayer support team, scheduling and training teachers, teaching in the children’s ministry, and writing the weekly email communication.
Kari is also passionate about disability justice in the church and making churches practically and spiritually accessible for those with disabilities. She loves speaking and sharing her own journey with a disability to raise awareness of the inequities that exist within churches.

Nielsen, Mary

Escondido, The Foundry

Mary Nielsen has been an active member of The Foundry Community Church since 2007. She has worked as the Finance Director at The Foundry since 2010. Mary leads the Food Pantry Ministry, which started in 2014 serving 15 families each week and is currently serving over 300 families each week.

Nik Andjam, Daryoush

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Free Methodist Church

Free Methodist of Santa Barbara has been Daryoush’s haven for the past 10 plus years since his baptism. Surrounded by the wonderful staff, he has grown in his faith and understanding.
As a recovering atheist, naturalized immigrant, and having experienced persecution in the Middle East Islamic theocracy, Daryoush has a unique perspective that allows him to relate to different aspects within the congregation.
He loves reading and researching deeply and thoroughly. Daryoush has served as an elected lead conference delegate twice, on the Local BOA for 2 years, and currently serves on the local property & finance board for a three-year term, which he will continue for a second term.

Ortiz, Gerardo

National City, Emmanuel

After serving for 16 years on the FMC Mexican Conference, Gerardo Ortiz was transferred to the FMCSC in August 2002. Before three years as one of the assistant pastors in Santa Ana FMC, he was assigned as the pastor of the National City, Emmanuel FMC since August 2005.
Gerardo has served as part of the MEG, MAC, and BOA. He has also served as one of the assistants for the Regional Superintendent under pastor Guillermo Flores and now under pastor Refugio Sanchez. Recently, he is serving as part of the Finance Committee under pastor Ruben Luna. Gerardo believes that it is an honor to be invited to serve the Lord through the FMCSC (1 Peter 4:10-11).

Rittenhouse, John

Garden Grove, Living Spring Church

‭John has been in the FMCSC for 28 years, 10 as a lay leader and 18 as the lead pastor of Living Spring Church in Garden Grove. He has taught the History & Polity and Wesleyan Theology classes and has served on the BOA, Management Group, Property & Finance Committee, and MEG Board.
Prior to Living Spring, John spent 16 years in the import/export industry. He received his undergraduate degree from Westmont College in Business & Economics and his Masters of Pastoral Studies in Leadership Development from Azusa Pacific University.
John has been married to his wife Lisa for 34 years, and they have 3 adult children. Audrey teaches biology in Santa Barbara, Emily teaches English in Korea, and their son Jesse works in cybersecurity in Santa Barbara. John and Lisa live in Cypress, CA with their dog Atticus.

Rittenhouse, Lisa

Garden Grove, Living Spring Church

Lisa Rittenhouse has had the privilege of walking this faith journey with her best friend, John, for the past 35 years. Together, they’ve raised three children who have since left home, and they are crazy about spending time with their two precious granddaughters.
Since 2005, John has served as the head pastor at Living Spring Church in Garden Grove. It has been a joy for Lisa to work in children’s and women’s ministries, lead small groups for women, and assist with planning events for the church. She loves connecting with others in prayer.
During the week, Lisa is the High School Coordinator for iLEAD Exploration, an independent study charter school in LA and Orange County. She believes her experience as a pastor’s spouse and her education leadership will contribute to the decision-making process within the MEG team as they navigate candidate selections.

Roth, Kelly

Kelly Roth has been part of the Free Methodist Church of Southern California since 1994. One of her greatest joys has been serving the conference in many different capacities over the years. For the last few years, she has been honored to serve as part of the Ministerial Education & Guidance board. It is always inspiring for Kelly to hear the unique stories of candidates who are pursuing their calling into pastoral ministry. The MEG board has also been able to welcome many new church planters who are bringing fresh hope through new churches. These are exciting days for FMCSC, and Kelly is excited to be part of what God is doing in the conference.

Seyfert, Wendy

Azusa, Foothill Community Church

Wendy Seyfert is a grateful-to-be-retired former executive at ADP. Now she volunteers her time with the FMC through her local church where she serves on the LBOA, as a delegate, and on the greeting team. With the conference, Wendy is finishing a term on the Board of Administration and previously served on the Nominating Committee and Ministerial Appointments Committee.
Current outside roles include volunteering with the youth program at MYTHIRDPLACE, the immigration office of the West Coast Mennonite Central Committee, at Cristo Rey Orange County High School, and on the Board of Trustees for Seattle Pacific University. Wendy has attended the Azusa Foothill church since deciding to find a local congregation while in college at APU. She came to know Christ in elementary school and attended various denominations before finding the Free Methodists.

Silva, Martin

Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Martin Silva serves at Chapel of Change as an Associate Pastor in the City of Carson and Paramount, California, for 6 years. Formerly an Assistant Pastor at the Paramount Campus alongside Bishop Kenny Martin, a Bishop of the Free Methodist Church, Martin was President of the Leadership Council and chosen to help build up the Carson and Paramount Campuses.
Starting a career in Environmental Control lasting 30 plus years, Martin received his Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology from California Christian University in 2001-02.
After surrendering his life in 1994, Martin served as Assistant Pastor in the City of Wilmington, California, at Calvary Light Christian Center under Pastor Leon Dool for 17 years. Martin assisted both Lead Pastors on International Missionary trips. He has preached sermons, led Leadership, mentored Pastors and Leadership, officiated funerals, weddings, baptisms, coordinated community outreach, pastored youth, and provided marriage counseling.
Martin lives in California with his wife of 38 years, Mary Silva.

Simpson, Patricia

Garden Grove, Living Spring Church

Patricia Simpson is a member of Living Spring Church in Garden Grove. She had the honor and privilege to be on the Ministerial Education and Guidance Board this past year. Currently, Patricia is a youth leader on Wednesday nights and one of the leaders in the Children’s Ministry when Pastor Michelle is preaching or on holiday.
Patricia is loving retirement and spending time traveling with her husband. In her spare time, she gardens, spends time with her grandkids, and is a thespian in Act Out Theatre Company in Long Beach.

Smith, Jorvon

Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship - West

Jorvon C. Smith is a dedicated minister with 26 years of pastoral experience. He serves as an associate pastor at Light and Life West in Long Beach, CA, where he has been for nine years. Prior to this, Jorvon held roles such as assistant pastor and youth pastor.
He actively participates in various church ministries, including the media ministry and preaching team, alongside serving on the Local Board of Administration. Jorvon’s passion for discipleship is evident in his commitment to ‘loving God and loving people’ and ‘serving God and serving people.’
Outside of ministry, he shares a fulfilling 19-year marriage with Cynthia and raises their three children: Eryion, Jada, and Jorvon Jr. Additionally, Jorvon boasts over two decades of healthcare administration experience, currently serving as a director of school-based health centers.

Vaudrey, Andrea

Rancho Cucamonga, Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

Andrea Vaudrey has over 20 years of experience in pastoral ministry and possesses a profound affection for the church. From 2019 to 2023, she served as one of the Pastors at Cucamonga Christian Fellowship (CCF), where she oversaw children’s, youth, and young adult ministries before transitioning to the role of Communications Pastor.
As a layperson at CCF, Andrea actively participated on the Board, led Life Groups, and volunteered in various other ministries. She holds a Master of Divinity from APU and currently teaches in their Practical Theology department. Her dedication lies in fostering holistic ministry within the local church, and she’s enthusiastic about discussing various strategies to advance the flourishing of God’s Kingdom. As a Certified Ministerial Candidate (CMC), Andrea deeply resonates with the values of “Free” within Free Methodism.

Warth, Brian

Paramount, Chapel of Change Christian Fellowship

Brian Warth is the founder and lead pastor of Chapel of Change, one church in four cities: Long Beach, Paramount, Carson, and Whittier. Chapel of Change’s vision is to launch 1000 churches. Brian has been a part of Free Methodist Ministry for over 14 years. He is also the author of “Young Man Arise!”
Brian speaks at conferences, colleges, and churches around the world, advocating Free Methodist values globally. He has helped start a Free Methodist Mission District in Guatemala. Brian has been married to Laura Warth for 26 years, and together they have three kids. He enjoys RC cars and RC planes.